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About Our Nursery

Pollinator Friendly Nursery is a family-owned, local nursery dedicated to growing native perennial plants to support natural or restored habitats in Southern Wisconsin (zone 5A). We also grow other plants to support pollinators and to beautify your landscaping. You are welcome to visit our gardens to see established plants. We gather seeds from our own native plants to produce new plants each year.

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The Importance of Native Perennials

A healthy natural habitat that includes native perennial plants will provide a flourishing ecosystem that supports native insects and animals. Flowering native plants nourish pollinators including bees, butterflies, birds and others.  Pollination is essential for the production of seed and future generations of a species, and for the production of food that we all need.

What our customers are saying

"Be sure to add this Lake Country Pollinator Friendly Nursery as a “must stop” for your native plant needs. An amazing selection awaits you – favorites such as bee balm, daisies, lupine, zinnias – and so many more. Plants are healthy and well-cared for. Karen is an inspiring and knowledgeable gardener, committed to encouraging and helping  others to create beautiful and sustainable habitats for pollinators. You can also visit her at the Delafield Farmer’s Market."

Teri B.- Delafield, WI

"A great source for pollinator plants! Grown locally by wonderful friends whose mission is to benefit butterflies, insects and nature. A must check out if seeking natures beneficial plants!"

Nancy R.- Wales, WI

“We have a number of plants from the Pollinator Friendly Nursery growing in our garden.  They were hardy and provided beautiful blooms for us to enjoy and a natural habitat for the butterflies and bees to feed on.  The owners, Jim and Karen, of the nursery are very knowledgeable and the nursery itself is naturally beautiful.  Highly recommended!"

Anita J. - Palmyra, WI

"Jim & Karen reside amidst a gorgeous Lupine field. They have added even more native perennials in their yard to create additional gardens that bloom for months...it is beautiful! Now, they are sharing both their plants and seeds with others so we can attempt to do the same. Their plants are hardy and attract colorful butterflies and a variety of bees from spring into the fall. Beautify your yard and help support our smallest creatures naturally by visiting the Pollinator Friendly Nursery!"

Deane & Vicky J. - Delafield, WI

Pre-planned Gardens and Plant Packages

Pollinator Friendly Nursey is excited to offer three pre-planned garden designs with selected native perennial plant packages.  We offer a “Pollinator Small Size Sun or Semi-Shade Garden” design with 18 plants, a “Pollinator Medium Size Full Sun Garden” with 33 plants, and a Pollinator Large Size Full Sun Garden” with 49 plants.  Each package includes a color-coded plan to guide the planting layout. A copy of the small garden package is illustrated.

Pollinator Small Size Sun or Semi-Shade Garden

Approximately 10' x 12'

Create a healthy natural habitat with these pollinator friendly plants.  They provide a beautiful and flourishing ecosystem that supports native insects and animals.  This design includes 18 plants and a custom, color coded, planting plan.

  • 6 Purple Coneflower plants
  • Nancy Riley
  • 3 Butterfly Weed plants
  • 3 Aster plants
  • 1 Monarda (Lavener or Red) plant
  • 3 Golden Alexander plants
  • 3 Columbine (Red, Purple, Yellow) plants

*PFN reserves the right to substitute plants based on available inventory.

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News and Resources from Pollinator Friendly Nursery

We are happy to share topics of interest on native plants and how they improve your landscape. Helpful resources are highlighted below to provide important information for your habitat.  Check in with us monthly and learn something new.  
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